Lyn Hellegaard is a write-in candidate for mayor of Missoula. She is aware of the need to protect single-family neighborhoods from unwanted overcrowding and she has the ability and experience to protect Missoula citizens from extravagant sewer fees, construction and business fees and exorbitant taxes.

Hellegaard served on the City Council for four years and could not support with a clear conscience one city budget. She fought to view the city checkbook and open it to the public. She fought Title 20, which was an affront to family neighborhoods.

If Mayor John Engen remains in office he will continue to try to overcrowd the city, increase bus transportation (the proposed bus levy), discourage car use (potholes and new gas taxes). Engen does not placate his constituents, but rather uses constituents to placate special interests. Do the citizens want their city government to own and manage the water company?

Engen and his rubber-stamp councilors do not acknowledge the Laffer Curve, which Hellegaard would abide by, as do thousands of well-run city and state governments throughout the U.S. The Laffer Curve describes a sweet spot where the government gets the most money and the citizens pay the least. Sadly, Engen believes that by overburdening his constituents with taxes and fees that the city will have more money. That has not happened. The city always wants money for special interests. Two years ago the city proposed a new tax on gasoline to grab more money, but to impose such a tax Missoula County Commissioners would have had to support it. They refused.

Hellegaard is the person to beat Engen and to give Missoula hope.

Jeanette Zentgraf, Lolo

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Truthdare... Liberal doesn't belong in the same sentence as independent... Silly you. Sheep is the word you were looking for.
You're welcome.


Indeed, though I am the most liberal democrat/independent in this whole town, Lyn Hellegaard impressed me during her term on city council, particularly by her willingness to stand up to the clever bullying ways of Mr. Engen. After 16 years in business downtown, our business nearly became a "non-profit" (Mr. Engen's inroad to his current job) though that was not our mission. It worries me, however, that we will split this voting so many ways that Engen will once again win because he is popular, not because he is at all qualified. McCollom is smart too. This will be a hard decision and I'll have to throw my vote to which ever of the two--Hellegaard or McCollom looks like they might win.


Think of this truthrdare Lyn is the only candidate that has worked in the hostile atmosphere of the Engen administration and many of the current city council members. I will tell you in knowing Lyn for many years that she will speak her mind and she will cower to nobody and that is what it is going to take to turn the city around. "WRITE IN LYN"


I could not agree with you more Jeanette, Lyn has been a friend of mine for years and exudes common sense like no other. Lyn has the experience, drive and intestinal fortitude to make the hard calls, regain transparency and turn the City around. With Lyn at the helm it would be a short time before the Missoula economy will show signs of improvement. If you want jobs, liveable taxes, improved traffic flow and government accountability you have little choice but to vote for Lyn Hellegaard. Lyn would be the first woman elected to the Mayors office in 67 years when Juliet Gregory served in 1947. I urge all Missoulians from every party affiliation to share this opportunity with your friends and neighbors and then get to know Lyn and learn what she knows, it will definitely be to your advantage.

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