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Do you know which country has:

two pineapple plantations,

nine companies that grow and sell their own tea,

nine banana plantations,

nine watch manufacturers,

over 15 doll makers,

over 20 companies that make computers,

over 20 companies that make socks,

over 20 motorcycle manufacturers,

over 20 companies that grow and sell their own olive oil,

25 different percussion manufacturers,

over 30 companies that make blue cheese,

over 30 bicycle manufacturers,

over 30 vodka distilleries,

40 knife manufacturers,

over 40 car manufacturers,

over 40 companies that make audio systems,

over 50 companies that make jeans,

over 60 companies that grow and sell their own coffee,

over 80 shoe manufacturers,

90 guitar manufacturers,

over 170 furniture manufacturers, and

over 400 companies that make clothes?

And all of these are made in the same country!

China? India? Europe?

No, the good ole USA!

And so many more in other categories that you may have given up on.

We are the greatest nation on earth, and can make the best products.

We as consumers have become so blinded by what mass retailers force onto us.

We constantly have inferior third-world items paraded in front of us, instead of showing all the products we proudly make ourselves.

Shop for U.S. products; you’ll be surprised how much we still make.

Over 3,500 companies are listed here:

Check this list before even thinking about looking at an import.

You will feel so much better buying a U.S. product.

You will be proud that it was made here, that you are helping your fellow countrymen do what they love and keeping jobs in the U.S., and making our economy stronger and stronger, ensuring our children have jobs.

And so ultimately helping ourselves.

Gunter Ahrendt,

Jersey City, N.J.

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