Dear fellow Montanans:

Many and sincere thanks to all who helped make the opening reception for “Labor & Leisure: Impressionist and Realist Masterpieces from a Private Collection” as well as “Impressionism: Masterpieces on Paper” a massive success. Thank you to the hundreds who shared world-class art and the sense of community the arts bring. To those of you who openly wept at the reception in awe of the artworks, we offer our appreciation for your willingness to be so inspired.

To our generous Art Lender, we are extremely indebted. To all our tremendous sponsors, partners, members, volunteers and docents, too numerous to list here, we say thank you. Without you we would not be able to offer all Montanans and our state’s visitors this exceptionally rich educational opportunity.

If you appreciate fine art, these exhibitions are for you. If you enjoy the study of history, the environment, social sciences, languages or the human condition, these exhibitions are for you. If you are a gardener, farmer, boater, outdoors person, laborer, naturalist, they are for you, too, whatever your age. We believe everyone will find these exhibitions thought-provoking.

So, don’t miss this chance at the PARTV Center at the University of Montana in Missoula through Jan. 5, 2013. Again, thank you.

Barbara Koostra, director, Montana Museum of Art & Culture, University of Montana, Missoula

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