First of all, I want to thank all of you for the well-wishes and heartfelt sentiments. It has been a challenging time for me personally.

I came to Missoula with two simple goals in mind: 1. get my degree and 2. play championship-caliber football for the Griz. Obviously, my current condition has "temporarily" interrupted my personal goals.

The best approach for a remedy and care is for me to return to the Portland area, where I can receive the best possible care available under my attending physicians who originally pinpointed my illness in mid-July this summer. I made every possible attempt to continue my education and play but my condition has overwhelmed me emotionally and physically.

However, my withdrawal from the University of Montana is not planned to be final!

My passion and affection for the University of Montana is now a part of my personal DNA. I will bleed maroon and silver for the rest of my life. It has been an honor to represent the university on and off the field. I am anxious to return ASAP, but I also understand the process will take numerous weeks, potentially several months.

I am truly blessed and touched by all the well-wishes and prayers from our incredible fan base. Keep the entire team, coaches and staff in your thoughts and prayers as well. We are appreciative more than you could ever know.

Up with Montana!

Ellis Henderson,


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