WASHINGTON — Sen. Max Baucus says the Senate Finance Committee will investigate the IRS targeting conservative political groups, joining a growing list of congressional panels looking into the matter.

The Finance Committee would be the first in the Democratic-controlled Senate to announce an investigation. The Montana Democrat is the panel's chairman.

In the House, the Ways and Means Committee and the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, also are investigating.

On Friday, the IRS apologized for scrutinizing the tax-exempt status of groups with conservative titles such as "Tea Party" or "Patriot" in their applications. An upcoming inspector general's report obtained by The Associated Press says IRS supervisors knew about the targeting as early as 2011.

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The IRS should scrutinize any group with tea party or patriot in the name. But not just for fake non-profit status, but as POSSIBLE DOMESTIC TERRORIST GROUPS!

These self-brainwashed collectives wrap themselves in a make-believe flag claiming to be patriots. In reality, they are nothing but selfish, self-centered, uneducated products of poor intellectual nutrition. Their standards are so low that they believe that simply because they though of something, it must be true.

Hey TPers and fakriots, do something positive for America--move away and start your own country. This one is doing fine without your help.


It wouldn't surprise me if in the dictionary based on your description of them, that your picture would appear. You comment like a person described by you.

dave ajou
dave ajou

So the IRS should take over functions of the FBI, suspend the 1rst amendment and eliminate political positions unpopular to you, why exactly ? This activity is precisely one of the aspects that resulted in Nixon's impeachment. Watergate II.

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