Prosecutors say a Billings woman used a gun to fend off an intruder who forced his way inside her home through a back door.

The man was later arrested and is being held in the Yellowstone County jail on a $100,000 bond.

Travis Bridger Soderberg, 38, has been charged with felony burglary and misdemeanor criminal mischief. He is expected to be arraigned on the charges in District Court next week.

According to charging documents, a woman called police shortly after 8 p.m. on April 6 to report an intruder at her home.

The woman, identified only by her initials in court records, told an officer that Soderberg is her ex-boyfriend and she has a valid order of protection issued in December that prohibits him from making contact with her.

The woman said Soderberg had been violent toward her in the past.

Soderberg came to her front door, the woman said, then went to her back door, kicked it open and came toward her. She pointed a gun at him and told him to leave.

Soderberg fled out the back door, she said. He was arrested Friday on a warrant.

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This is a simple case of protecting herself and properly using a gun. The scenario of what if the thug had a gun doesn't apply. She was confident enough to pull a gun out and use it wisely.

Again I commend her use of it and I am glad she is safe and I am glad our laws allow her to own it legally.


To all those commenters who managed to yet again miss the point, just imagine if the thug had a weapon that he was able to purchase recently because of no background check loopholes. THAT, my friends, is the REAL ISSUE!

Nobody is taking away guns from law abiding citizens. Even the Giffords back that. The point is to put effective barriers in place to prevent those who should not have weapons from easily getting them.

Almost all laws inconvenience those who don't plan on breaking them. But to apply the faulty NRA dogma, then we should not search any baggage prior to boarding an aircraft because those who plan on doing bad do not follow the laws anyway.

Oh, that's different, you say? Oh yea, then prove it!


Just imagine if the thug stole weapon, or bought one on the black market, or legally purchased one for that matter and passed the background checks, or already owned a gun, or borrowed one from someone,or lied on his background check and bought one, or was given one by a fellow criminal ,or ,or,Blah Blah blah
Middlefinger,, you are so hell bent on pushing the narrative that background checks will prevent gun crimes that it makes me laugh.
Right now we have medical marijuana users lying on their paperwork to purchase guns and you dont seem to be at all worried about that.
You bloviate and sound so certain you're the one with all the answers but you in fact have none.


It's not the background checks that are the issue, it's the government telling the law abiding citizens what type of firearm they can own, how many rounds a magazine can hold, and what modifications you can't have (folding stocks, front pistol grips, etc.) Where background checks cause a problem is, if the government ever decides to ban firearms they know who to contact first, all the law abiding citizens. Not saying this will happen just saying this is where the issue with background checks come from. I have no problem with background checks cause if it gets to the point the government is confiscating guns there are bigger issues to be dealt with.


I'm sure you got the good news - the nefarious antigun legislation was shot down and will not become law.


Probably did not have an AR-15 or whatever they are either. The argument we are trying to take guns away from people because we want to increase background checks and limit clip size is just stupid. This is a good example of why we do not support taking all firearms away from people and happy she was able to use a weapon properly and protect herself. No one thinks that is a bad thing....


She didn't need a thirty round magazine to do this, did she?


I would rather say; good thing I didn't need the 30 rounds instead of I wish I had the 30 rounds.


I am sorry she had to deal with this. I am glad she used a gun in a proper manner. I applaud her decision to protect herself and her home.

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