GREAT FALLS – The sheriff of Cascade County says he’s signed off on more than 300 concealed weapon permits in the past three weeks.

Sheriff Bob Edwards tells the Great Falls Tribune that the average of about 100 a week is well above the 10 to 15 concealed weapons permits he usually signs a week.

But he says he was expecting it because of concerns about possible action involving federal gun control.

Edwards says Cascade County now has about 2,100 residents with concealed carry permits.

Edwards says Montana is an open-carry state, meaning a person can walk down the street with a handgun as long as it’s visible. But if a person wants to conceal a gun a permit is needed.

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I'll bet that when after all the counting is done we will find out that the most Republican of counties will have the most conceal carry permits. By which I mean that the counties that have the most Republicans per capita, will have the most conceal carry permits per capita.

How do I base my judgement? Well, I say that conceal carry permits are given out to the most fearful of citizens. Since I think that fear is the emotion which most motivates Republicans, I think the counties that have the most Republicans will have the most conceal carry permits.

Since it seems like there are more Republicans per capita in Ravalli County than in Missoula, I predict that more of them will have conceal carry permits per capita. Which is another way of saying that only ones who are most motivated by fear will have conceal carry permits. You know like card sharks, and cowards, and Republicans. They will be the ones with the most conceal carry permits per capita. Just you watch and see if you don't believe me.


So what? Perhaps more Republicans believe in being prepared - believe it or not there's some real sick, dangerous people running around loose - ever read the news?

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Clark Kent
Clark Kent

And for the past 100 years or so, this nation has held the belief that controlling these sick, dangerous people was best left to law enforcement and the criminal justice system, among others. Recently, many people feel that it is now necessary for them to assume these duties, which they believe is best addressed with firearms. I fear that this road will lead to innumerable innocent deaths, retaliation killings, and that it begins with allowing just about anyone who wants one to carry a concealed weapon. God help us.

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The vast majority of gun-owners are not criminals, of course - in fact,. concealed-carry gun laws tend to have the effect of reducing violent crime in states having these laws. Some leftists just cannot think rationally about guns.


I have to wonder how many good, sane people are finding it necessary to arm themselves against their crazy gun addicted neighbors?

Got concrete

If you're referring to the crazy gun addicted people who are criminals, yeah that's why we protect ourselves. You need to be told this?

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