Students from 17 Montana and Idaho high schools will participate in the 48th annual Montana Model United Nations Conference on Monday and Tuesday at the University of Montana.

At the conference, 353 students will represent 95 of the United Nations’ 193 member states, debating and writing resolutions addressing important international issues.

Students will participate on one of five U.N. committees: the Security Council, General Assembly Plenary, General Assembly First Committee (disarmament and security), General Assembly Second Committee (economic and financial) and General Assembly Third Committee (social and humanitarian). Each committee is staffed by a team of UM students from associate professor Karen Adams’ Model United Nations class, a service-learning course offered by the Department of Political Science.

Events begin at 8:30 a.m. Monday with opening ceremonies in the Dennison Theatre. The keynote address titled “The United Nations – Accentuate the Positive!” will be delivered by UM professor Owen Sirrs. He teaches Arab studies to U.S. military and other government personnel in UM’s congressionally funded Defense Critical Language and Culture Program. He is an expert on terrorism and on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Egypt. The events are free and open to the public.

Students will work on the third floor of the University Center. They will meet in committees from late Monday morning through Tuesday afternoon. At 7:30 p.m. Monday, country teams will meet with other high school groups from their regions to learn about the politics, economics, history and culture of the region during Region Night. Students from the region will present, and MMUN staff who have studied and traveled in the region will lead discussions. An ice cream social will follow.


Closing ceremonies will be held from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. Tuesday in the University Center’s North Ballroom. Secretaries General Madison Brooke and Christina Bloeman will announce awards for delegates, schools and conference staff. Five high school seniors will be awarded scholarships to attend UM.

The Montana Model United Nations Conference is funded by school and delegate fees, as well as contributions from the UM Office of the President, Office of the Provost, Division of Student Affairs, College of Arts and Sciences and Department of Political Science.

For more information, including participating high schools, visit or call Adams at (406) 214-5451.

​Reach the Missoulian newsroom at @missoulian, at or at (406) 523-5240

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Chris Stevens

Should our children be their pawns? The global power elites view the UN as their main vehicle for establishing, step by step, a socialistic global government controlled by themselves. Now, more than ever, we need to get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US. Learn more:

jus wundrin
jus wundrin

Creepy on so many levels.


Model United Nations is a great educational experience for all involved. It's important to provide these opportunities for young people interested in international relations. If you personally would rather live under a rock, that's fine, but seeking to deprive these children of the education they deserve is extremely misguided.


If we were giving them the education "they deserve" you wouldn't be lying to them about the United Nations. International relations and education is a great thing, but not through bogus indoctrination (of the UN) in our education system. The UN does much more harm to the USA than any good it does. Most of the people who love the UN are people who think the US is an unjust, greedy, bully nation. The fact is the US has done more positive things for the world than all the other nations combined.God Bless America


If you agree that international relations is a good thing, then you cannot simply ignore the world's largest international organization. The United Nations isn't perfect by a long shot, but it is the only international organization with the means to react to crisis' on a global scale. Whether it be through peacekeeping or humanitarian missions, the UN's presence has saved lives and acted as a stabilizing player in many areas.

As the world's dominant country, the United States has a stake in ensuring stability, especially in regards to power and governance vacuums that invite terrorist activity. We have used the UN throughout history to further our agenda, or at the very least check the agenda of other countries hostile to our interests. If this weren't the case, we wouldn't be a member. I appreciate the UN because it enhances American power and we use it as a tool to impose desirable norms on an international scale. It's much more cost effective and efficient than acting unilaterally or only engaging other countries on a bilateral basis.


More from the indoctrination centers. Wake up people! The U. N. here in Montana. Throw them out of here. They are destroying our nation!

Rez Kid

"This 'pretend' conference is not in our best interests, the interests of our high schoolers or the interest of our nation. This is manipulation and coercion at its finest, while we watch. This is evil being portrayed as good." The UN is now a joke and a huge threat to the USA. The majority of the nations in the UN would love to see America destroyed economically. The majority of the UN votes against the US on almost all issues. And we fund most of the UN's budget. We need to get OUT of the UN, not teach students that it is one fine global organazation that is in our best interest. The UN's major goal is to control the USA in as many areas as it can and secure the redistribution of wealth.


How is it coercion when the conference is attended voluntarily? The United Nations was founded as a vehicle for US foreign policy interests and it remains so to this day. There has been no fundamental change in its decision making process that would ever allow it to undermine our interests. If there was such a risk, we would withdraw from the organization. Clearly you know very little about the UN, let alone Model UN.

Run - A- Mook

Waste of time and money.

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