BILLINGS - A settlement has been reached in the wrongful-death lawsuit filed against former Billings teacher Stacey Rambold.

The District Court lawsuit filed by Auliea Hanlon, the mother of a girl who committed suicide after she was raped by Rambold, has been dismissed following a confidential settlement agreement, according to court records and Hanlon's attorney, Shane Colton.

Still unclear is the status of a $750,000 administrative claim filed by Hanlon against School District 2.

In May, the school board voted to approve a $15,000 payment to cover the district's deductible with its insurance company to resolve the claim. At that time, school officials said terms of the settlement were confidential.

Since then, school officials have said a settlement agreement has not been finalized.

Cherice Moralez was 14 and a student at Senior High in 2007 when she and Rambold, a 48-year-old teacher at the school, had a sexual relationship.

Rambold resigned his teaching job in July 2008. He was charged later that year with three counts of sexual intercourse without consent.

While the criminal case was pending, Moralez took her own life on Feb. 6, 2010, less than three weeks before her 17th birthday.

In July 2010, Rambold and prosecutors resolved the criminal case with a deferred prosecution agreement. The agreement states that the criminal charges would be dismissed in three years if Rambold completed sex offender treatment and adhered to other requirements.

Hanlon filed the civil lawsuit against Rambold in February 2011. The administrative claim against the school district was filed in August 2010.

Rambold's attorney was not available for comment Friday.

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A young girl was raped and then committed suicide because of this predator and his charges are DISMISSED???? Is Montana completely oblivious to any women's rights...even after her death? WHY should his charges be dismissed? He should serve time and a lot of time. I am outraged by these worthless Montana "prosecutors" who never go after criminals like they should and always take the easy way out. How do any of you sleep at night?


I'm so disturbed by this. What is wrong with Montana's laws regarding treatment of women? What an outrage.

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