LIVINGSTON — A Park County jury has convicted a former state legislator of resisting arrest, obstruction and fleeing a peace officer for running a roadblock last year.

Joel Boniek had argued he was reacting to a wildfire approaching his home.

He previously claimed the court and county officials lacked legitimacy. At an earlier hearing, he declared he was in charge of the court after a fracas involving his supporters caused the judge to leave abruptly.

Boniek's supporters were generally quiet during Friday's trial.

Park County Justice Court Justice of the Peace Linda Budeski fined Boniek $1,105 and gave him a suspended sentence of 10 days in jail.

Some of his supporters responded to the sentence with anger. One booed.

Boniek says he hasn't decided whether to appeal.

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dave ajou
dave ajou

That's odd, I don't recall either of you two non-partisan geniuses berating the ex-commissioner of political practices. This guy is a looney, but at least he didn't bully his office staff while operating his own business on our dime. Of course, he had the infallible party affiliation so you gave him a pass.


More typical Republican behavior by an ex-member of the state legislature. He should have gotten jail time.


This anarchist is showing his true anti-American colors.

Just imagine all the damage he caused obstructing the Montana legislature, while pushing his own homegrown brand of psudo-perfection that does not include the rule of law.

As long as many Montanan's will vote for anything with a pulse and an R, then there's no shortage of weirdos, creeps, liars, and cheats who will use the R to get whatever they want.

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