daryl hunter grizzly (IR copy)

Grizzly bears like this sow and cubs make popular photo targets in Yellowstone National Park, and quickly develop social media fan clubs. That has complicated the debate over delisting the bears from federal protection in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Photo provided by Daryl Hunter

HELENA (AP) — Montana wildlife officials say they captured and killed a female grizzly bear near Ferndale after the grizzly and her two cubs killed animals and rooted around homes.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials said in a statement Tuesday that the 226-pound adult had been relocated from the area in 2014 and 2015. Federal and state officials decided to kill her on Friday because of her food conditioning and habituation.

The bear's two yearling cubs are being held at the state wildlife agency's center in Helena while officials search for a zoo that will take them.

FWP officials say the bears over the past two years killed chickens, ducks and rabbits. They say the bears also got into pet and livestock food and climbed on porches and looked into the windows of homes in the area.

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