CASPER, Wyo. - The son of a Casper College professor killed his father inside a classroom on the campus after stabbing the teacher’s girlfriend to death at the couple’s nearby home, police said today.

Chris Krumm, 25, shot his father, Jim, in the head with a bow and arrow shortly after 9 a.m. Friday, Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh said. Despite being shot through the head, the elder Krumm fought back, giving the four to six students inside the class time to escape.

“The courage demonstrated by Professor Krumm is absolutely without equal,” Walsh told reporters at a press conference. “Maybe that will bring some comfort to people.”

Police don’t know exactly what followed, but said at some point, the 25-year-old suspect stabbed himself multiple times. Then he drove a large knife into the 56-year-old professor’s chest, Walsh said.

Before the attack at the college, Chris Krumm killed his father’s girlfriend, Heidi Arnold, outside her home. The 42-year-old was stabbed multiple times, and had defensive wounds, Walsh said.

Arnold was a math instructor at the college. Jim Krumm taught computer science.

Police say Chris Krumm lived in Vernon, Conn., and may have arrived in Casper the day before the attack. Investigators located his car and believe he was staying at a motel in the area.

Investigators are still trying to determine a motive for the slayings. It appears likely Krumm drove to Wyoming for the purpose of carrying out the attack, Walsh said. The suspect apparently left some sort of communication explaining his actions.

“We don’t have them yet,” Walsh said. “They are still in parts of the scenes that we are working on.”

Krumm acted alone and had no significant criminal history, Walsh said. Police have found no indication that he threatened either of the victims before, or that they even knew he was back in Casper.

The attack began Friday morning at the Hawthorne Avenue home that Arnold and Jim Krumm shared. Arnold’s body was found in the street and evidence at the scene indicates most of the assault took place outside, Walsh said.

Afterward, Krumm apparently drove himself to the Wold Physical Science Center at Casper College. He brought two knives with him, along with a bow concealed in a blanket.

He entered room 325 as Krumm was getting ready to teach a computer science course. Chris Krumm shot his father with a single arrow.

As students fled the room, the door apparently shut and locked behind them. Some people attempted to aid the professor, and eventually, security guards arrived with keys. The door was opened and someone threw a coffee mug into the room, Walsh said.

No students or faculty were injured.

Police received a traumatic injuries call at 9:06 a.m. Officers responded minutes later and made their way to the third floor, where they found both Krumms.

Jim Krumm was already dead. His son showed signs of life and medics responded to the scene.

“They were unable to render any aid that would have turned the situation around,” Walsh said.

Two minutes after the call from the college, someone reported a stabbing on Hawthorne Avenue.

Jim Krumm began teaching at Casper College in 2002, according to the school. Arnold joined the college a year later.

Chris Krumm graduated Natrona County High School and attended the Colorado School of Mines.

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Whatever, if he had used a gun there would be another outcry from the libtards to repeal the second amendment. You missed the point loveydovey, but i suspect you are a libtard too.


quiet, Einstein-if he had a gun, thered be ten people dead instead of 3


For real elk!! Leave your classless comments where they are appropriate. This is a tragedy and you have completely missed the point. Way to go.


No but I would like to ban stupid comments from these comment boards. I know just where we could start too...


I suppose the anti's will be wanting to ban individuals from owning archery equipment,,,


no-maybe just bans on bad parenting and breeding if you have defective genes?

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