This past week, a loving single mother of five passed away unexpectedly due to a brain aneurism. She and her five children, ages 7 through 17, were survivors of domestic violence and had come to Montana to start a life free of abuse. They stayed at the YWCA safe shelter before transitioning into the YWCA’s Emergency Housing Program for homeless families. The family was in the process of finding permanent housing when the mom suddenly passed away. Her five children will be living with their aunt and uncle who are trying to offer a stable, supportive and loving home to them. They are in need of food (precooked meals or other goods), toiletries, Target and/or Walmart gift cards, gas cards, and twin beddings as they make this difficult transition in their time of grieving. Monetary donations to help with funeral costs and other expenses can be made out to the YWCA Missoula. Please bring donations to the YWCA main office, 1130 W. Broadway and contact Rebecca Pettit with any questions at the YWCA, 543-6691 or


A single mother of three is struggling to make ends meet. She needs gas cards so she can commute to her two jobs in outlying communities. To help, contact Alison Cooksey, children’s case manager at Western Montana Mental Health Center, 532-9795.


A single mother of three small children needs a working washer and dryer. If you can help her, contact Sara at Winds of Change, 721-2038 Ext. 245.


Mountain Home Montana provides a safe home for 11 young families in Missoula. Several families are in need of assistance.

Jenny completed the Mountain Home program just over a year ago and is living on her own with her two little girls. She was recently in a car accident and had to take a few weeks off of work and is now behind on her rent and her car payment. Small donations to help her stay in her apartment while she catches up would be appreciated.

Kristy completed the Mountain Home program about three months ago and received a car as a donation. Recently, the starter has begun to go out and she needs some help getting it fixed. Donations to help her cover the cost is appreciated.

Two moms recently got new jobs and need to purchase appropriate clothing. Gift certificates to local stores so they can get the shoes and pants that they need would and gas cards to help them get to work until they get their first paycheck would be appreciated.

Mini-makeovers are being done in the residential home and bulletin boards, white boards, and mirrors for six bedrooms are needed.

Three new families are moving into the apartments and are looking for toilet paper and paper towels to stock their new homes.

This coming month Mountain Home will be celebrating multiple birthdays and is looking for gift certificates for haircuts, Bath and Body Works, and to other local stores.

If you are able to help in any way, please contact Afton Russell, program manager at 541-4663 or


A client of 3 Rivers Mental Health Solutions suffers from fybromyalgia and needs $350 in Visa gift cards to pay for prescription medical equipment. Equipment needed includes a four-channel TENS/EMS machine and home ultrasound unit; LG8TM four-channel home V/S unit that Medicaid will not cover.

If you can help, call Ryan Marchand, case manager at 531-3771.


Full Circle Counseling Solutions is seeking donations for a local family in need. The parents are in great need of assistance in providing school clothing for their four children ranging in age from 5 to 11 years old. Shoe sizes are girls 5, boys 3, 4 and 12. Clothing sizes are girls 16 and boys 6, 8 and 12. Donations may include gift cards to stores such as Walmart, Target, TJMaxx or Ross, cash or check that can be mailed to or dropped off at Full Circle Counseling Solutions, 1501 North Ave. W., Missoula MT 59801. For questions or additional information, contact Emily Sharpe at 529-6543.


A woman who has lived in a nursing home the past three years needs size 5X dresses and a Verizon prepaid text message card for $15 or more. She has very limited funds and can only buy one clothing item a month. Her clothing has become damaged and worn out, and she has difficulty finding her size in thrift stores. This month she cannot afford a pre-paid text card and must choose between a dress and the phone card. If you can assist, please call Sue Pileggi at Missoula Aging Services, 728-7682.


A family of five is in need of help with rent. The mother does work as an overnight care provider for the elderly, although her client has recently passed away leaving her without an income at this time.

Any donations would be appreciated. Call Jennifer Benson, youth case manager, Aware Inc., 543-2202 Ext. 317.

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