Missoula Senior Center

I have been a member of Missoula Senior Center for about 10 years. It is in the heart of downtown Missoula and for me it's the center of my social life. I meet my friends there at least twice a week for lunch.

The center is growing in popularity for all ages and our activities for the community have increased. Here are a few things that make the center special:

We have an assortment of living plants (indoors) that meet the eye with beauty and interest. Each one is identified. With about 30 varieties from as far away as Hawaii (plumeria), you must visit “Merry’s Garden.” Merry Wheeler, who hovers over this section, has all sorts of seasonal decor which makes it an attraction for all to enjoy.

Our lunches include homemade, tasty food cooked by Roberta Murdoch and her staff of volunteers. The meals vary and are complete using healthy ingredients. On Tuesdays during lunch, Mike Evoc, who is a well-known music teacher, plays great tunes for our pleasure.

There are many (low cost) exercise classes held in a calm, warm environment for all ages. Two being yoga and tai chi, with credible teachers. Card games such as bridge and mahjong are played on most days. Bingo on Tuesdays is very popular. The library is full of good books, which you can take home and return at your convenience. Some of the best used clothing and household items is located in the Thrift Store downstairs. We also want to welcome Jeremy Spaulding, who is the new assistant to Michelle Hastings, our director. The computer lab is popular for those who need this service.

I could go on and on but why don't you see for yourself? Inside the front door is a monthly newsletter that includes all the activities, events, classes and the menu for the month. We are not just old people with nothing to do; instead we are mature people with a lot to share. Most of my friends are in their sixties and I would say the age of people attending regularly is from 50 and up.

Full meals are $4 if you are 60 or older, otherwise it's $6. Interesting trips are offered at a reasonable price and there are many special events coming up in the next two months. Like all nonprofits, volunteers are always needed. Not only is there a variety of openings, but you get a free lunch and a discount in the Thrift Store.

Please consider supporting our home away from home and become active with those of us who spent years helping to build this lovely community called Missoula. Donations are always welcome but my purpose is to ask you to join us. Enjoy laughter, have fun and become active. Our beautiful vintage building is also available for rent if you have a special event. Call 543-7154.

Joyce Chicoine is a member and supporter of the Missoula Senior Center.

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