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My people:

Another royal wedding is upon the little people who we expect to be pleased. There is very good reason why America signed a John Hancock so large and impressively on a document to sever all ties constitutionally from a financial giant, the best being to end all tyranny.

Let us have a look at the royal power that defines the wards indicated by the plural sense of, “We are amused.”

First a self-imposed definition that includes a royal collective, a bloodline of status dignity. Of power and sovereignty over littles, inbred, we seek new blood to impress the archaic prerogatives of privilege; those being symbolic emblems of domain and kingdom, a realm of quality proper, and befitting nobility. We, that nobility, are defined in this by compensation, a portion of the proceeds garnished from the littles, deserving, as we are owners by right of the royal crown corporation.

Of that corporation, we the royal wards of the state of the commonwealth here declare our value in the meager "sovereign grant," which by act of our good and faithful members of our parliament to be 15 percent of the entire profit of our corporation; and that being for 2012-13, 31 million royal pounds, 36.1 million for 2013-14, and 37.9 million, accrued a mere 6.9 million, a meager 22 percent increase in benefit by my people. An annual stipend raised for our royal benefit, assuredly not to benefit beyond what is necessary, and required. So says my law. Of course, in other interest of my little ones, they have allowed an increase to 25 percent until 2027 to repair my good house.

We thank you, my little ones. Do not forget to purchase salable paraphernalia marking our prestigious wedding. Profits going to our royal cause.

Royal regards, your royal majesty.

Jacques F. Boulet,


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