Missoulian mailbag

Just my take on things: Our human species is now at the crossroads of continuation or annihilation. As a species, we humans are blessed with wonderful power of the mind. We are unique in this and advanced as a species.

We are, right now, being given the opportunity to advance along the "road of continuation" through the right use of our minds or take the "road of annihilation" through the wrong use of our minds.

Just observe all that is boiling up around us. Watch and listen to how we humans are responding to all this confusion. The annihilation component is made up of fear, anger, attack and greed. It is all around us very loud, very emotional, very alluring an oh so exciting.

The continuation component is much quieter, yet filled with tremendous positive powers. This component is made up of the desire to explore the true source of any problem. The mind is quiet; filled with compassion and seeking understanding; and focused solely on ways of working together for resolution without conflict. All this within our differences and diversities.

I firmly believe that within all the present exposures to our many problems, there is a powerful movement of this continuation component which will prevail and move us forward. It has many permeations, many expressions, and many both observable and unobservable aspects.

Our thinking makes it so. And this is simply the way I choose to train my mind to think.

Bob McClellan,


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