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Missoulian mailbag

A letter writer in Sunday’s Missoulian asked how an assault weapons ban would work, giving options from banning weapons to having (somehow) Nancy Pelosi come and “confiscate your guns.”

I propose the following:

Ban all assault weapons (semi-auto rifles) from being sold in Montana, either in stores or online to Montana, as well as the sale of large bullet clips. Citizens with these things are allowed to keep them, and if these things are used in a school/church/conceit shooting, by them or someone with their weapon and bullets, then the owner is held accountable as complicit in murder, by allowing or having the killer use/steal his/her assault equipment.

This law would not stop shootings of innocents, but it would at least stop the problem from growing. This law does not require input by the National Rifle Association, the Second Amendment, Nancy Pelosi or anybody else. It would be a first step so l don't feel guilty being complicit in these continual juvenile assassinations.

We don't need to keep allowing the growth of these weapons of community mass destruction any more than we need growth in nuclear weapons by either a “bad” country like North Korea, or a “good” country like Australia.

Michael O’Lear,


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