Missoulian mailbag

A travesty of justice.

I can't think of any way other to describe Bowe Bergdahl and his freedom. What a slap in the face to all of us veterans and active military personnel.

He should be in Leavenworth, doing some long and hard years. What about the men who went looking for him and are now missing limbs or are no longer with us?

I wonder if he received his pay the whole time that he was held prisoner? If so, he should pay every dime back, plus fines.

I wonder if he will go back to Idaho and live off the state funds. I'm sure; and I hope there isn't one person or company who will hire this deserter.

I hope that the judge advocate general who let him off doesn't get a decent night's sleep for a long time. He is the one who should be reduced in rank and retired. My faith in the military judicial system is now in the toilet.

God bless America and all our retired and active military.

James Little,


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