Missoulian mailbag

After reading columnist George Ochenski's column (Oct. 2), I feel I must weigh in again about the state budget crisis. 

Now is not the time to fear what could happen or may backfire. We need to act on what we know from hundreds of voices will happen — human misery in Montana — if these further cuts go through.

Please remember, this is the fourth round of budget cuts since the 2017 legislative session began. The governor's initial budget started out with 5 percent less, then came deeper cuts with House Bill 2, then the four-level triggers fired, and now another 10 percent.

If the Republican majority argues that we need to tighten the belt of state government, I say we've been there, done that. Now, what they seem to support is cruel and unusual governing of Montana.

Rep. Mary Ann Dunwell,

House District 84,

Montana Legislature,

Helena/East Helena

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