Missoulian mailbag

U.S. Sen. Steve Daines:

You've insulted me. I was with the crowd at our state capital on Feb. 21 when we hoped you'd speak with us, "town hall" style. I was there on Feb. 22 when you spoke at us.

I chanted, laughed and visited with my fellow believers in democracy, and in our long wait, I observed us engaging civilly with one another, including many "across the aisle." But again, you ignored us.

During your speech in the House, you claimed to have had "dialog" with citizens in all 56 counties, yet 156,117 of the 369,826, 2014 voters, have not experienced a "dialog" with you.

KFBB News, Feb 22: With a broad paint brush, you described "we the (156,117) people" as "liberal activists who want to disrupt and create chaos." You are so wrong, senator. We come in peace and simply want what any citizen wants: to be heard. 

Senator Daines, stop playing us! You know how to set up a civilized conversation. You're not that ignorant. Listen to our thoughts on renewable energy, education, human rights, immigration, health care, etc. Yes, differing viewpoints can create emotional "chaos" as values are challenged. It's called democracy. You can handle it. Have faith.

Elizabeth Harter,


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