Missoulian mailbag

Thank you, Donna Brazile and George Ochenski (column, Nov. 6), for shining a light on the sordid mess that was and continues to be the Democratic Party.

Party insiders sold out during the 2016 campaign. This became obvious when the entire party leadership from Montana went against the expressed will of their rank and file and voted to give the nomination to Clinton. This, in spite of the fact that voters in the primary expressed overwhelming support for Bernie Sanders. In Missoula County the vote was nearly 2-1.

And now, in light of these latest revelations, Carol Williams, who led the Clinton campaign in Montana, has the audacity to declare, “Sanders is no Democrat and had no interest in raising money for the Democrats. We had one candidate who... cared about the party and wanted to raise money to ensure it was supported, and Clinton did. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.”

In other words, it’s just fine and dandy to buy an election. It’s all about the money. The will of the people be damned.

I have been a Democrat my entire life, but the next time the Democrats call me begging for money, I’ll just tell them to go talk to Hillary Clinton.

Don Spritzer,


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