Missoulian mailbag

I just heard that Gov. Steve Bullock and “legislative leaders” are trying to work out a “budget deal” to fix certain deficits or shortfalls in Montana’s budget. One of their proposed “solutions” is a “temporary” tax increase.

Don’t fall for that! So-called “temporary tax increases” rarely, if ever, turn out to be temporary. The mindset of those in control of our taxes figure that if we the people can pony up the money on a temporary basis, why not extend them or make them a permanent tax increase.

Believe me: I came from the dreaded state of California, which is renowned for such tactics. I don’t want to think that Montana’s leadership is following in the same pattern. Look what’s happening to California. It’s a disaster (which is why we left 25 years ago).

The state is in the tank, despite some of the highest taxes in the nation; unbelievably, because despite that, they’re spending more than they can afford.

Call your representatives and tell them to oppose this flagrant attempt to increase our taxes. Cut spending. Don’t increase our taxes.

Ward DeWitt,


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