A letter protesting U.S. Sen. Steve Daines’ bill (S. 2206), and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s betrayal of Montana citizens.

Wilderness study areas have all been designated as places to be studied for potential wilderness designation because of their unspoiled wilderness character. It makes no sense (except to the extractive industries) to open such a place to "multiple use," which would essentially erode, degrade and strip those areas of wilderness characteristics and make them ineligible for wilderness designation.

Here in Montana, the economy now thrives, to the extent that it does, on the arrival of thousands of new residents, the businesses that serve them and the millions of visitors who come to our state for the pristine beauty that remains available to them through public lands, magnificent national parks. People are awed by the vast ancient forests, where the original wildlife that are part of such a place still exists. They marvel at the clear clean lakes, the jewel-like river bottoms, mountains of majestic craggy heights, valleys verdant and filled with flowers.

This place took millions of years to be what it is. If we spoil this, it will be gone forever.

Carol Edwards,