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The Republican primary field is filled with good candidates and one lawyer. The idea of sending yet another lawyer to D.C. makes me nauseous. Surely Montana can do better.

Alexis De Tocqueville stated that if the U.S. were to have an aristocracy, it would be lawyers. Our forefathers fought to abolish the notion of a ruling class, yet here we are today with a judiciary politically maneuvering to overrule elected presidents and bypass legislatures; a judiciary that believes those pesky voters never get it right. They say it's the "rule of law," but that’s a lie. It is the "rule of lawyers."

The Bundy trial showed federal prosecutors willing to cheat to get a conviction. The frequency of such abuses today undermines confidence in government. Yet some think sending another lawyer, Russell Fagg, to D.C. is the answer. Will Fagg help eliminate the Ninth Circuit court? Will Fagg seek to rein in his fellow aristocratic authoritarians? I think not.

Mindless arguing about piffle is the lawyers' forte. The lack of tangible results thus achieved is on display in Washington. We can do better, Montana. We need citizens in government; not another member of the legal aristocracy.

Send Fagg back into retirement.

Tracy Sharp,


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