Missoulian mailbag

I wonder if this president is good for our mental health.

The Justice Department, the FBI, the environment, our relationship with other countries, the media — there is no source of feedback that Donald Trump has not, with varying degrees of effectiveness, tried to discredit or shut down.

"Maybe we could refuse to renew NBC's license," he intimates, with a nudge of the elbow, in the vein of "Maybe there's something the gun rights folks could do about Crooked Hillary, I don't know."

This is the man we wanted as a model for our children.

It isn't only that this president is the incarnation of the Seven Deadly Sins, it's the spectacle of men utterly without honor — healthy men, millionaire politicians who don't need the money — all looking on and doing nothing.

What must Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Steve Daines, Ryan Zinke, etc., think of John McCain, who after brain surgery flew back, pale as a ghost and dizzy from radiation, to turn thumbs down on the GOP Affordable Care Act replacement? Did they not then, in the words of the Shakespeare's St. Crispin Day speech, "hold their manhoods cheap?"

Would that a few other Republicans besides Bob Corker and Jeff Flake had had McCain's guts and conscience!

G.R. Jamieson,


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