In the wake of the recent horrible Florida school shooting and our local school student support walkouts: Besides blaming the ownership of guns for these horrible shootings, I have to ask how many of you students play violent shooter video games.

These games jade our youth to the ease of killing another human. I know there are students who spend hours every day playing these games. The games are specifically designed to play on the human mind with the same logic systems that they use in addictive gambling machines.

Please, parents, if you are worried about your children, fight against these violent video games.

So here is the challenge to the school students. Throw away your games and encourage others to do the same. Do not support the industries that make these games. Find something more constructive with your time. Admit that in gaming, you have participated in thousands of acts of violence even though it is in the fantasy activity of the game.

Remember that many of the school shooters have been mentally unstable individuals who have played hour after hour of violent video games.

Kirby Campbell,