Missoulian mailbag

Dear Barry Hartman (letter, Dec. 17): There was plenty of opportunity for the Republicans to participate in the Affordable Care Act, you just chose not to.

Let me also remind you about some other numbers you have apparently forgotten. The number is 750,000. That’s how many jobs were disappearing each month from you guys blowing up the housing market, ending at 9 million lost jobs and a 10 percent unemployment rate.

I know you’ll never accept any responsibility for that. Instead you got blame President Obama like you always do. I also remember the stack of paper traitor Donald Trump stood next to claiming that it was all taxes when in fact it was mostly tax loopholes.

To Jeff Tschida (letter, Dec. 17): The Koch brothers and Adelson go through the country buying state legislatures and governorships solely so they can crush the poor to give to the rich. I consider that evil.

Finally, I would like to thank the pre-born for this gigantic Christmas present to the mega rich. To all of you out there who are grateful for this child care credit, you are only handing the bill to your kids.

Rick Wheeler,


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