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It is vital to national security that America have more than one political party engaged in good faith efforts to serve the electorate and stand up for constitutional democracy. Sadly, that is no longer the case.

Democrats and Republicans once shared common goals, despite their disagreements. Both parties made mistakes and hosted bad actors. However, both parties also sought to preserve the Constitution and stand up for the rule of law, in place of the autocracy and repression so common elsewhere.

Now, one political party has abandoned any pretense of protecting civil liberties or assisting anyone other than the wealthiest citizens. The GOP is led by a man who describes journalists as the “enemy of the people,” conflates criminal investigations into his shady business dealings with “attacks on our country,” denies the existence of scientific facts, spews constant racist insults, and generally behaves like a tin pot dictator.

The Republican Congress, for its part, has shown no backbone whatsoever in telling Donald Trump that this is not how American politicians should behave.

The Democrats are far from perfect, but what used to be called “patriotism” is now, tragically, called “being a liberal.” This is a sad and dangerous state of affairs.

Miles Jochem,


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