Missoulian mailbag

Open letter to Gov. Steve Bullock:

`Governor, I have lived in Montana most of my 74 years, and have never experienced the numerous and massive forest fires and smoke that we have endured these past few years. Most reputable climate scientists believe these fires are largely due to conditions created by human-caused climate change. Despite the contrarian views espoused by a few scientists who are funded by the fossil fuel industry, I believe the scientific majority.

Are these increasingly worsening fire conditions the kind of future you want for your children? Well, as governor, you can help improve the situation by supporting GE-Hitachi's proposal to transform Colstrip 1 and 2 into a carbon-free electricity production facility. As you know, I had a long conversation about this concept with your former energy advisor, Tim Baker, and asked for the opportunity to discuss the idea with you in person. My request fell on deaf ears.

With your help, Colstrip 1 and 2 can become a demonstration plant that paves the way for many other doomed coal-fired power plants to be transformed into carbon-free energy production facilities by simply replacing their boilers with GE-Hitachi PRISM advanced reactors. These reactors use nuclear waste for fuel, destroying 95 percent of it in the process of producing carbon-free electricity. PRISM is a perfect waste-to-energy solution that truly deserves your attention, consideration and support.

I have been collaborating with a GE-Hitachi vice president who is anxious to discuss their proposal with you and other Colstrip decision-makers. Won't you please make time to meet and talk with us about his company's amazing climate change solution?

Bob Balhiser,


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