Missoulian mailbag

December makes 50 years I've had letters published, yet it has never been more necessary to protest.

A relative of mine in Great Falls refers to the "p grabber in chief" as the "tangerine turd." That certainly isn't complementary to a turd of any animal! 

A preacher friend told me to be calm before I have a stroke. Yet what's more likely to give me a stroke is the knowledge that so many Montanans actually voted for this ignorant, narcissistic jerk, perhaps the most famous draft-dodger in history, who might well be on course to plunge us into nuclear war, sprouting from his own childish temper tantrums tweeting insults back and forth with North Korea's equally childish and cruel dictator. 

Now he's on the verge of giving us a "tax cut" that will reward his family more than a billion dollars, that all your children and grandchildren will be paying for. 

Merry Christmas and happy New Year. I'm glad I'm 83, but sad my grandkids will pay throughout their lives for this pathetic, horrific mistake. 

Ron Moser,


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