Missoulian mailbag

When will the football coaching staff be shaken up at the University of Montana? Enough is enough already, with loss after loss of our players before the season even starts, and the loss of our very good rookie quarterback who was nothing more than "fed to the wolves," if you will, to make a head coach look good?

I've written a letter to the editor before about the head coach, who no doubt prayed for someone to make him look good. What a joke; just check out the injury list, and to whom? Our Grizzly football players have suffered enough humiliation to the team, and our season hasn't even started yet.

The football season will no doubt still be played, but how many more of our team player have to suffer injury after injury and may not be available to play out the rest of our season? How many more, coach, will you sacrifice? Enough is enough.

And while the "powers to be" are at it, why not a Montana coach? The ones who knew the University of Montana Grizzly football team values.

We love you and are with you, Griz! Good luck.

Douglas Waldron,

Seeley Lake

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