Missoulian mailbag

Donald Trump is a traitor to this nation. To those people writing to the Missoulian about the lack of Democrats clapping for this madman, take a look at the man who yelled "liar" at President Obama and the behavior of every Republican who "sat on their hands" and glared at the finest president we have had for many years, during his State of the Union address.

Hypocritical of you now, Gary and Joan Carlson (letter, Feb. 4), to be so put off that among at least 14 lies and racist dog whistles, the Democrats did not condone this atrocious speech by the actor pretending to be president.

A military parade in Washington, D.C.? Tanks and missiles down Pennsylvania Avenue? The communists do this, as did Hitler. Trump so admires dictators and autocrats as he thinks he is king.

Shame on the Congress for not enforcing the sanctions against Russia. The fool in the Oval Office will not comply with enforcement, which means he is in contempt of Congress. Do any members of the Republican Party have the guts to pursue legal options to remove this arrogant man from office? Anyone?

Cheryl Sage,


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