Missoulian mailbag

The Republicans passed their tax cut exclusively with Republican votes.

They proudly own it now. Here is what they have done:

• They passed a tax cut for the highly rich (who funded them), at the expense of the lower-class workers of the country (who elected them), as well as the Affordable Care Act mandate.

• They have put us at $1.5 trillion more deficit spending, which will stay if the economy doesn’t explode like they predict; “trickle down” has never worked since 1980.

• If “trickle down” doesn’t work, they will come back and tell us that either we must severely increase taxes or take major hits to entitlements (like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security — but not the military budget), knowing that we will have to take the later choice.

• If this tax cut, which is not presently as important as other social programs, or health care programs or military programs, causes economic damage, they will blame Democrats even though they own all three branches of government.

I hold Republicans responsible for all economic factors resulting from this nonessential tax cut. I would not vote for another Republican, even if they are better than the Democrat, at any governmental level, as a result of this legislation. 

Michael O’Lear,


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