Missoulian mailbag

When did Troy Downing become an official voting resident of Montana?

Downing received a “homeowners tax exemption” on his house in California as recently as this year, suggesting his primary residence is California.

This calls into question his Montana residency.

How can Downing state that he “simply made a mistake”? Downing’s campaign manager says that “Troy’s primary residence is in Big Sky... since 2009.”

If that’s the case, when did Downing obtain his Montana driver’s license?

Montana has had carpetbaggers who have declared their residency here to run for the U.S. Senate. The most recent example was Californian Bruce Vorhauer, who lost in a four-way race in the GOP primary in 1990.

However, Montana has elected residents to the U.S. Senate who were not born in Montana: Iowa-born John Melcher in the 1970s and Missouri-born Conrad Burns, elected in the 1980s. Mike Mansfield was born in New York.

Each took up residency and called Montana their primary home for years and decades. Can Troy Downing say the same?

Downing says that if you question his in-state hunting permits or his driver’s license, you’re “spreading fake news.”

Downing, Montanans are smarter than that!

Steve Armstrong,


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