Missoulian mailbag

So here we are again. Another mass shooting. Another semiautomatic assault rifle.

Isn't it a bit ironic that some of the same people against background checks and for mentally ill persons to own guns now blame the Air Force for not revealing this man's history?

The best solution is not to arm more citizens in the hope that they can shoot the shooter after he opens fire. The best solution is to stop the shooter from opening fire in the first place.

After a series of mass shootings in Australia (including one of the worst in the world at the time), Australia responded not with platitudes and condolences, but with effective gun control legislation including banning automatic and semiautomatic weapons. Australians can still own guns, go hunting, and kill others and themselves. But they have not had a mass shooting in 20 years. That cannot be a fluke.

Please help stop the insanity. Insist on meaningful and reasonable gun control.

Beth Thompson,


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