Missoulian mailbag

Every morning for many years, when I've had no other mail, I've been able to start the day with a poem and a biography of a writer that gives me courage and hope.

What do I care whether or not Garrison Keillor in his salad days had behaved "inappropriately" and put his hand on some woman's bare back?

No one but a good man could have written and said and sung the things Keillor has written and said and sung, even if the privileges of power have sometimes gone to his head.

To compare his transgression(s) with Matt Lauer (showing a woman a sex toy and saying how he'd like to use it on her) or Harvey Weinstein's or Donald Trump's lifelong contempt and exploitation of women is nothing but crooking the little finger and affecting to be shocked.

Montana Public Radio should be ashamed of its cowardice in firing one of MPR's few, and fast-vanishing, claims to any sort of cultural distinction by courting Mrs. Grundy and the appearance of squeaky-clean propriety.

Now we are left with no more "Prairie Home Companion" and the dubious delights of rock, get-her-up-against-the-wall rap, antiheroes, guns, mayhem, robots, Star Wars and feverish, illiterate S&M adolescent fantasies and Hollywood!

George R. Jamieson,


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