Missoulian mailbag

Re: Chronic wasting disease:

I have read with keen interest the articles that have appeared in both the Ravalli Republic and the Missoulian; and would like to inform the public on how they can educate themselves on this subject.

Bovine spongiform encephalopathy is an unusually slow virus-like agent that is a protein called a “prion” (pronounced pree-on). The Rocky Mountain Laboratory had a part in its discovery in the 1950s.

A nonfiction book was written by Richard Rhodes. The title of the book is “Deadly Feasts.” I highly recommend it to everyone.

A very easy read is a report in the form of a booklet put out by the “McAlvany Intelligence Advisor” published by Harvestime Books (931-692-2777).

You see, chronic wasting disease is not only in our wild game but in our fish it is called “whirling disease;” and in sheep the name is “scrapie.” The disease in cattle is called “mad cow disease;” and in people it is called Creutzfeldt-Jokob disease. Please educate yourselves. 

Dallas Ann Olson,


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