Missoulian mailbag

People should educate themselves before giving out misinformation regarding the new tax laws.

Instead of claiming only the rich benefit, simply go to www.moneyhelpcenter.com/taxes/calculate/2017-federal-income-tax-calculator and calculate the taxes for a family of five with $50,000 income.

While every family's situation is different, the estimated tax liability is $488 in 2017. Then run the same calculation for 2018 (www.calcxml.com/calculators/trump-tax-reform-calculator).

In 2018, the same family of five will have an estimated refund of $3,261.

Instead of addressing these facts, there has been a conscious effort to continually report only how much the top 1 percent or 20 percent are saving in taxes. But these efforts always conveniently leave out the fact that the top 1 percent pays almost 50 percent of the taxes while the top 20 percent pay almost 85 percent of the taxes. It is only logical that those paying the largest share of federal taxes will receive the largest share of the benefits. But to claim that the lower or middle class does not benefit from these tax law changes is simply wrong.

And if you are worried about lower individual rates going away in the future, then stop class warfare and elect people who will vote to extend them.

Perry Schneider,


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