Missoulian mailbag

Montana’s Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and Blind Services is in crisis.

Since March 2017, no new services have been offered due to budget constraints. Clients with open cases are still receiving services, but new clients are put on a two-year waiting list in the hopes that when a category for which they are eligible for services opens up, they will be first to receive them. In the meantime, they must put their educational and vocational plans on hold. The National Federation of the Blind of Montana thinks this is unreasonable.

The National Federation of the Blind of Montana acknowledges that in order to deal with this budget crisis, changes will need to be made. However, we feel that the current and proposed budget cuts target the elderly and disabled, including the blind, disproportionately.

We strongly urge Gov. Steve Bullock and our state legislators to find other ways to balance the budget that do no harm to the blind, elderly and disabled, and to maintain and preserve the quality of services for the blind of Montana, so that we can continue to be contributing, taxpaying citizens of our state and nation, and live the lives we want.

Joy Breslauer,


National Federation

of the Blind

of Montana,

Great Falls

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