Missoulian mailbag

The release, in November 2017 by the National Archives, of an FBI file titled “Martin Luther King, Jr., a current analysis,” provides a good opportunity to reconsider the propriety of celebrating the life of the only American honored with his own national holiday. The file is at www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/104-10125-10133.pdf.

The FBI’s 20-page analysis of King reveals that he was closely linked to the American Communist Party, and that he frequently engaged in extramarital sex. One of King’s principal advisors, Stanley Levison, was a “shrewd, dedicated communist.” King often looked to Levison for instruction and approval before acting, and Levison used King to advance the communist agenda, including opposition to the Vietnam War.

Although King’s sexual indiscretions are well known (see the “Adultery” section of the Wikipedia article on King), the FBI’s analysis shows that in addition to extramarital affairs, he was associated with “group sexual orgies” that included prostitutes and group sex acts. More on King’s “sexual aberrations” will be revealed in 2027 when the audiotapes/transcripts of the FBI’s surveillance of King will be released.

Considering the above facts (and the fact that King plagiarized his doctoral thesis at Boston University), King is hardly the saint-like icon that many people think he is.

Henry Fowler,


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