Missoulian mailbag

I read that President Trump has asked the Pentagon for a military parade. Why?

Is it to celebrate our 16th year of American servicemembers dying in Afghanistan (arguably a “sh-thole country”)? Perhaps it commemorates his medical deferment from the draft during the Vietnam war (from which he has apparently recovered).

I’m thinking this would not be a modest affair, bigger and better than North Korea’s, Russia’s or even Hitler’s annual events.

I’m not a senior Army leader, but even I know that this superfluous event could cost American taxpayers over a billion dollars (a billion = a thousand million). Meantime, hospitals in the American Virgin Islands go without power and Montana Medicaid recipients have seen their benefits cut. Would it be better to appropriate this money to pay settlements to the 19 alleged victims of the president’s sexual misconduct?

Call your congressmen. Trump and the military don’t belong in the same sentence, much less in the same parade.

James H. Gillison,


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