I am not into politics and I am not an economist but I can balance my checkbook, pay my bills and keep a balance. I am not a businessman either but I have clerked in a store so I do know a little bit about business.

I understand that in politics either local or nationwide taxes are necessary for cities or a nation to pay their bills. So how is it that a businessman turned politician can cut taxes and hope to run a nation? Well, of course you borrow money. I am not unduly concerned about our nation’s debt because I do not believe that we will ever pay that debt, whether it be $21 trillion or $41 trillion.

I guess we cannot run our nation like a business. It takes political "something." I was going to say skill, but that is obviously missing. Our representative was also a businessman and has billions of bucks to prove it. He also became a politician and eagerly approved a reduction in taxes and our nation's income.

In my opinion, and I may be wrong, our political system has become an absolute disaster, and it’s that “system” that runs our country. Dear God help us.

Fred Collins,