Missoulian mailbag

To all those individuals asking for a special session to “enhance state revenues” (definition: raise taxes), let me offer a suggestion and solution.

Anyone who either wishes to help “enhance” revenues in Montana, or who claim they would support paying higher taxes to bridge our revenue issues, you can voluntarily send a check to: MT Dept. of Revenue, P.O. Box 5805, Helena, MT, 59604-5805.

No one is prevented from paying more than their apportioned share of taxes. If those who feel they can pay more would do so, I would find that a refreshing alternative to those same folks who clamor for everyone to pay more because they believe all should pay more.

I’ll let Department of Revenue Director Mike Kadas know that a torrent of checks will soon be hitting his Helena P.O. Box.

Rep. Brad Tschida,

House District 97,

Montana Legislature,


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