Missoulian mailbag

I wanted to thank the Missoulian for publishing the (Nov. 3) letter from my son-in-law, Tyler Theisen, regarding the ongoing complaint filed against him by Rep. Bryce Bennett with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices.

Since the complaint was filed, I have watched my daughter and son-in-law deal with unbelievable mistreatment at the hands of the Missoula Independent. A reporter for the Independent even posted a photograph of my daughter’s vehicle on her personal Instagram account. When this information was brought to the Independent’s attention, the reporter stated, via Twitter, that it was just a coincidence and called my son-in-law a “troll.”

When my children informed the Independent they were being harassed, the editor defended the reporters on Facebook. Shortly thereafter, Independent reporters posted my son-in-law’s complaints on their personal Twitter accounts to laugh at the effect their “investigation” was having on my family.

The actions of the Missoula Independent are obscene. Thank you to Tyler Christensen at the Missoulian and John King at KGVO for your professional handling of my son-in-law’s case, and shame on the mean-spirited “journalists” of the Independent.

Virginia Yates,


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