Missoulian mailbag

If you intend to lie to the police, the place to do it is in Gallatin County, Montana.

Gallatin County Attorney Marty Lambert is apparently your good buddy as you Pinocchio to the cops.

Lambert has blown off Greg Gianforte’s lies to police concerning his assault of a reporter six months ago. "What harm is there in lying to the cops?” Lambert, a Republican, seems to ask. His answer: None.

Of course, the street cops whom I know take a sterner attitude: “Lie to me and you gain nothing, and your every action will be viewed with suspicion and scrutinized.”

Say, I’ve an idea.

How about a big — really big — billboard just outside Bozeman. On it a really cute picture of Marty Lambert curled up on Gianforte’s lap. Lambert’s ears are waggling, oh so sweet and he’s chewing a bone inscribed “got enough dough and the law don’t apply to you.”

Ed Chaberek,


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