Missoulian mailbag

Your public comments are urgently needed. Donald Trump and his appointed climate change-denying director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt, are set to gut years of scientific and consensus planning that resulted in the Clean Power Plan.

As you are reading this letter, the EPA is receiving public comments until Jan. 16 regarding their proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan. It is easy to submit your opposition to the repeal. The website is www.regulations.gov; you will see a list, select “Repeal Carbon Pollution Emissions Guidelines for Existing Stationary Sources: Electric Generating Units (AKA Clean Power Plan)."

Simple opposition comments are just as valuable as more science-based comments. The most important matter is to let the EPA know we want to protect our planet and all inhabitants.

The National Academy of Scientists, as well as other national and international scientists, make it clear we have no time to wait for a more intelligent, rational administration to come along. We are in a climate crisis, which is becoming more severe each passing year, making it harder to reverse.

Be part of the solution; submit your opposition to the repeal of the Clean Power Plan.

Patricia Ames,


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