Missoulian mailbag

The Missoulian’s political correctness has gone berserk. Half the front page tells the story of a mischief maker and her sinister campaign to deny an individual’s effort to obtain a job.

For whatever his sins seven years ago, Bobby Hauck was vilified and humiliated. That seemed proportionate to his offenses, whatever they might have been. This “fan” seems to think eternal damnation would be better for a college coaching candidate.

Hoping to influence those whose job it is to make decisions for the betterment of the University of Montana and Griz Nation (and maybe to enjoy three minutes of fame), this woman relied on the same emotions that the public feels about ex-cons — that they were judged to have behaved badly so they must be bad and untrustworthy. Don’t give them a second chance (despite the costs to society). We know that people can change, that they can learn from their mistakes. We know this, but apparently she doesn’t.

The story justifies her malevolent behavior as though it was a “freedom” she should enjoy. “Doxxing” is a new perversion of moral values, but butting into other peoples’ business has a long history.

George Hart,


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