Missoulian mailbag

I must reply to Cheryl Bramsen's response (Nov. 1) to Fay Dear's letter (Oct. 29).

I do not believe Fay's letter was addressing racism or color or anything against the protest. 

Fay's comments and beliefs are the same as many; no, let's go further and say the majority of football fans, myself included. Anyone who takes a knee during the national anthem is disrespecting my flag and all those who fought and died for it.

These players are being paid to show up on that field, put their hand over their heart, honor our flag and then play ball. Now, if those spoiled millionaires want to protest or bring attention to themselves or something that is important to them, then they should take some of their big bucks and pay for a commercial or take out a page in the newspaper — not do it while they have a job to do that they are getting paid for.

I work for a public school as a head cook. If I chose to take time away to protest while I am being paid to cook for the kids, I would get fired!

Coreen Schumacher,


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