Missoulian mailbag

Suzanne Parson (letter, Dec. 6) offers what she considers to be an example of Donald Trump's dishonoring our veterans. Not to belabor a point, but she missed the mark in answering my question on how voting for Trump dishonors veterans.

Granted, Donald Trump has a propensity for making disrespectful comments, as was the case when he "slam dunked" Sen. John McCain over his experience as a prisoner of war. However, I fail to see how that extrapolates into Trump voters "dishonoring" veterans.

Also, I don't see how Trump's bone spurs have anything to do with the argument. You probably don't want to get into a discussion on which well-known people have avoided military service and how.

I understand that you are a veteran. As they say, "Thanks for your service." I am a vet as well: 24 years in the Navy. And I always considered myself to be an honorable person. Don't think I, or any other vet who served honorably, need anyone to help me comprehend "honor."

Erv Lischke,


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