It will probably never end. I refer to the criticism of Ryan Zinke, secretary of the Department of the Interior.

Reducing the size of the Bears Ears National Monument is one example. Originally, a process including input from all stakeholders resulted in a recommended size for the monument. This recommendation was disregarded by the previous administration without input from stakeholders; the final designation was approximately three times the size of the original. To conclude that the current public review period for the changes is unreasonably short is to disregard the input that initially occurred. It also fails to address the waste of resources that will occur by revisiting an issue that was thoroughly addressed initially.

It appears that the biggest problem with what Ryan Zinke says, does or proposes is that he is a Trump appointee. As such, regardless of what Zinke says, does or proposes, it will be criticized and evaluated with incomplete information, if not rejected out of hand. The size of the Bears Ears National Monument is but one example.

I believe that Montanans should take advantage of an opportunity to have productive input into national decisions instead of resorting to ceaseless and one-sided criticism.

Bridget Wanderer,